Unveiling the Timeless Appeal of Jackie Kennedy Hairstyles and Their Influence on Modern Beauty Trends


The world over, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, fondly remembered as Jackie O, is renowned not just for her role as the former First Lady of the United States, but also as an enduring fashion icon and style trendsetter. While her immaculate dress sense is frequently lauded, one cannot overlook her timeless and elegant hairstyles, which significantly contributed to her glamorous image. This article will deep dive into the evolution of Jackie Kennedy hairstyles and their indelible impact on modern beauty trends.

An Emblem of Grace and Sophistication

Jackie Kennedy’s hairstyles were an embodiment of refined elegance, establishing her as a beacon of beauty and sophistication for women worldwide. Her signature bouffant style, distinguished by its volume and sleekness, became one of her most recognized looks in the early 1960s. This hairstyle effectively framed her delicate facial features while dictating a new norm for the modern American woman.

Jackie’s Bouffant: The Epitome of Sixties Glamour

The bouffant was Jackie’s go-to style during her years in the White House. This look, characterized by teased high-volume hair gathered and secured at the back, was perfectly aligned with the sophisticated ensembles that Jackie favored. The carefully constructed hairstyle encapsulated the essence of the free-spirited yet classy sixties aesthetic. The timeless appeal of this voluminous look continues to be a source of inspiration for contemporary hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts.

Masterfully Classic Chignons

The chignon, a classic choice for formal occasions, was another look frequently sported by Jackie. Elegantly gathered at the nape of her neck, her rendition of the chignon transcended the ordinary and conveyed a sense of majestic regality, bearing testimony to Jackie’s inimitable style sensibilities.

Influence on Hair Trends

Through the decades, Jackie Kennedy’s hairstyle choices have left an indelible mark on hair trends globally. From the voluminous bouffant to the classy chignon, they have come to symbolize a perfect blend of simplicity, elegance, and class, which continues to be recreated and incorporated into modern style books. Influential women across various industries have often emulated her hairdos for significant events, thereby, keeping her heritage alive.

Understanding the Jackie O Effect

The "Jackie O effect" has extended far beyond fashion and beauty. Her approach to personal style was an affirmation of her love for the arts, her aesthetic sensibility, and her uncompromising quality, sending a powerful message about standing out in a crowd. The hairstyles Jackie chose continue to add to her legacy, sparking style revolutions even today.


The hairstyles pioneered by Jackie Kennedy Onassis have proven to be more than fleeting fashion whims. They spoke to her timeless elegance, personal style, and the era she epitomized, while still remaining contemporary and relevant. In her hairdo choices, we observe a unique blend of audacity and refinement, projecting a multifaceted image of the modern woman. Eternally ensconced as an icon, Jackie Kennedy will continue to inspire hairstyling trends for many more decades to come.

The ongoing fascination with Jackie Kennedy’s hairstyles bears tribute to their timeless allure and the indelible influence of her distinct style. As we continue to delve deeper into her enigmatic beauty, one cannot help but admire the strength, grace, and resilience reflected in her iconic styles. Elegant as they are immortal, the influence of Jackie Kennedy hairstyles on beauty trends remains, and they continue to echo throughout the annals of fashion history, raising the beauty and sophistication bar one fabulous hairdo at a time.

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