Rediscovering Glamour with Gwen Stefani’s Signature 90s Outfits


Fashion exists in a cyclical nature where trends from yesteryears always find their way back into contemporary closets. One iconic style era that remains nostalgically resoundingly is the 90s. Among the many names that resonated with the characteristic flashy, vibrant, and eccentric fashion of the world during this time, Gwen Stefani stood out. She was not just an artist but an inspiration, continually pushing boundaries, emphasizing personal expression, and breaking the mundane norms.

Gwen Stefani’s Unique 90s Fashion Statements

Bold Red Lipsticks

Essential to Stefani’s look was her love for the classic hip red lipstick. Never afraid of rocking a bold hue, she heightened the drama by intentionally emphasing her lips. This signature hallmark has been a source of empowerment and feminist statement, redefining beauty standards. Today, red lips scream confidence and are undoubtedly a classic that can never go wrong.

Jean Eccentrics

Denim was a defining fashion story of the 90s, and Stefani added her unique flavour to this trend. From wearing high-rise baggy jeans to pairing them with eccentrically printed tops, her style preached individuality and radiated a rebellious chic aura.

Plaided Punk

Capitalising on her punk-rock roots, Stefani popularised plaid in the 90s, which resonates with the grunge looks of today. From her plaid pants to red and black plaid pleated skirts, Stefani’s style oozed of grunge-glam with an edge.

Footwear Favourites

The Gwen Stefani style was incomplete without the mention of her footwear. Stefani was often seen wearing Dr. Martens and other combat boots paired with oversized leather jackets, invoking a thrill for rebellion and displaying a love for rocker aesthetics.

How to Emulate Gwen Stefani’s 90s Outfits in Today’s World

Emulating Gwen Stefani’s style statements of the 90s can provide a charming allure to your current wardrobe. Here are some ways to incorporate some of her iconic signature styles in today’s fashion scenario:

Print Mixing

Stefani was known for blending different prints and patterns and reckoning that chaos could be harmonious. A 2022 wardrobe inspired by Stefani would witness a similar blend of larger-than-life motifs, polka dots, animal prints, and checked patterns.

Statement Accessories

Stefani was never seen without her accessories playing a key role in her style statement. She adored layering multiple necklaces— a trend that has made a striking comeback in the fashion via the “layered necklace” trend.

Baggy Pants

Channel your inner Stefani by opting for high waist and loose-fitting pants, or even cargo jeans. The secret is to pair these with cropped tops or tank tops to put an emphasis on waistline.

Chain Belts

Stefani’s edgy side embraced chain belts. Pair these with skirts for a chic silhouette or wear over baggy jeans for that edgy grunge look.

Crop Tops

One of Stefani’s signature styles was a midriff-baring bralette or a crop top. Styling these with high waist skirts or jeans can be a homage to Stefani’s iconic fashion trend.


Gwen Stefani’s 90s outfits allow us to explore nostalgia while keeping the fashion narrative modern and relevant. She has highlighted how personal style is about fearlessly expressing oneself. Classic, chic, and glamorous, Gwen Stefani’s style reinstates the idea that fashion needs to resonate with the person wearing it.

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