10 Remarkable Men’s Fashion Retailers: Top Alternatives to Zara Man


Men’s fashion retailers such as Zara Man have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion industry. Yet, many other stores offer equally stylish, modern, and quality men’s wear. This article presents ten remarkable alternatives to Zara Man, providing a broad array of choices for keeping your wardrobe trendy.

men's fashion retailers

1. H&M

A front runner in affordable and fashionable men’s wear is H&M. Like Zara Man, H&M showcases clothing for all seasons, ranging from casual to formal. Their commitment to sustainable fashion underlines their environmental responsibility, adding to their appeal.


ASOS is an excellent alternative for online shoppers. Hosting a wide range of men’s fashion items, ASOS serves as a platform for both mainstream and independent labels. Their large selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories ensures that every man can find something that matches his style.

3. Topman

Topman, another significant player in the men’s fashion industry, is known for its unique British-inspired style. From classic suits to trendy casual wear, Topman has it all. Their regular collaboration with renowned designers introduces fresh and innovative styles each season.

4. Uniqlo

If comfort, quality, and minimalist style are your priorities, consider Uniqlo. With an extensive range of basics and essential items, Uniqlo stands out with its dedication to innovative fabric technology, guaranteeing comfort and durability in their clothing.

5. Mango Man

Mango Man, a Spanish brand similar to Zara, offers a mix of European style and classic tailoring. Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, Mango Man provides a comprehensive range of clothing and accessories catering to the modern man.

6. River Island

Merging high street fashion with unique design details, River Island offers a diverse range of men’s clothing and accessories. Their collections are regularly updated to mirror the latest trends in the fashion world.

7. COS

An offshoot of the H&M group, COS (Collection of Style) delivers high-quality, timeless pieces that outlive seasonal trends. They focus on modern, minimalist style that combines function and form.

8. Pull&Bear

Likewise a member of the Inditex group like Zara, Pull&Bear caters to young individuals who are environmentally conscious and social. The brand adapts the latest international trends, blending them with street and club fashion, to create comfortable and wearable clothing.

9. Massimo Dutti

Also under the Inditex umbrella, Massimo Dutti initially focused on men’s fashion. Although it now includes women’s fashion, men’s wear remains a significant part of their offerings. Renowned for high-quality, classic pieces, Massimo Dutti is an excellent choice for the style-conscious man.

10. Next

Next, a UK-based retailer, offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men. They are known for their quality products and vast selection, making them a favorable alternative to Zara Man.


Even as Zara Man remains a popular choice among fashion-forward men, the retailers listed above offer a plethora of options for those seeking to diversify their wardrobe. Whether it’s ASOS’s dedication to promoting independent labels or Uniqlo’s focus on innovative fabric technology, these alternatives provide new avenues to express your personal style and stay abreast of the latest trends in men’s fashion. For more information, check out the comprehensive guide to top rated online clothing stores.

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